Persian Carpets

door Ramezan Azadbakhsh
Gepubliceerd: 12 februari 2022 (6 maanden geleden)

Santoor is a hammered dulcimer that is written with different names such as Santoor or Santour. Santoor is one of the traditional instruments of Iranian music. The sound of the Persian Santoor Instrument is so pleasant that it has attracted many people. This Persian instrument has a long history in Iran. Persian Santoor dulcimer Instrument played with two wooden Mezrab and usually made of walnut wood. The quality of wood has a direct impact on the quality of Santur Sound. The most common Persian Santoor has 12 Kharak. Learning Santoor does not require much time compared to other Iranian instruments. ShopiPersia is the largest Iranian instrument store. Check out different Persian Santur instruments that we placed for sale in our store. We believe you will find the Santoor instrument you would like to play at the best price in our store. Buy Persian Santur Santoor Dulcimer Instrument directly from Iran at a reasonable price. We ship worldwide.